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Sean Paynter
BSc, M.  Ost, DO, ND

Registered Osteopath and Neurotherapist


Sean qualified as an osteopath from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 2002; with a joint diploma in Naturopathy (diet, nutrition, holistic lifestyle and wellness).

Over the years as part of his continual professional development (CPD), Sean has continuously invested in and developed his knowledge and skills as a safe and competent Osteopath.
Sean is an experienced Osteopath equipped with a diverse range of osteopathic, rehabilitative and specialist approaches to help you recover from the most complex pain issues you may be struggling with.

Appointment type

New patient

Follow up treatment

Ozone injection therapy

Cold lazer therapy


50 - 60 mins

45 mins

30 mins

45 mins

30 mins







Professional Bodies

General Osteopathic Council (no. 2921)

All payment methods accepted

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